The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron

forgettingI am made of my memories. . .

Nadia lives in a city surrounded by stone walls. Every twelve years, each person’s memories are lost, completely forgotten, except for what they write down. In the city of Canaan, your individual book is your identity, and you choose what to write down. . . and what to eliminate.

Nadia knows who hasn’t written the truth. She knows because she has never forgotten.

Nadia is a strong character, independent and courageous. She wants to protect her mother and sisters, even if her oldest sister doesn’t believe Nadia is part of their family. Along with a good-looking boy, Gray, she explores the world outside the city walls and begins to discover the secrets behind the Forgetting. They uncover the fact that the Head of Council of Canaan’s governing body knows the cause of the forgetting but does nothing to stop it.

I am made of my memories. . .

Consider how much of yourself is wrapped up in your memories—what you’ve done in the past, the people you’ve known and loved, and even those things you’re passionate about such as hobbies, sports, and other pursuits. Now consider if all that became a blank. Who would you be?

The topic of forgetting has impacted my life with my mother’s dementia. Most of her memories now come from her childhood, but memories of my sister and me seem to be lost. Although I’m still a familiar face to my mother, she never recalls anything about my childhood. She doesn’t remember my children. This has left me with a real sense of loss.

The Forgetting is a unique dystopian novel that will keep you riveted in your pursuit to discover what is causing the Forgetting. And the true history of Canaan is guaranteed to surprise you.



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