Bronte’s Thunder

Just Announced: Finalist in the High Plains Book Awards!

Strange connections to thunderstorms have always surrounded seventeen-year-old Bronte Monroe. When the brother of the boy her mother kPhotoFunia-1535831772illed moves back to town, lightning’s sure to strike. Even worse, she may be falling for him!

Readers often ask how an author came up with his/her ideas for a book. I’ve always been fascinated with thunderstorms. Growing up, I slept in an uninsulated room above our garage in the summer. A bank of windows without curtains filled one wall. Thunderstorms were a frequent occurrence. In that room, thunder bellowed and lightning lit up the room—an awesome light show!

I took that fascination with storms and added magical realism into the mix. Voila! Bronte’s Thunder became a story about a girl that witnesses strange incidents connected to thunderstorms—and herself!

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